summer reading

The saving grace of summer reading

Not long after summer arrives, moms wonder how to fill the time and keep kiddos occupied in healthy ways. We may find ourselves held hostage by video games and Netflix, looking back at a lost summer of opportunity. For those looking for better options, most local libraries have summer reading programs as resources for families. Online options like Scholastic Summer Reading make it easy for everyone, rural and urban, to access tools for reading fun.  If we can just get our crew to story time, rows marked “Kids Collections,” or a yard sale where kids left for college, summer reading …


Whine and Wine Culture

“Go have a glass of wine.” I had been cutting my infants’s finger nails and ended up making a slice in the tip of his finger. I felt sick. There was blood. I went from zero to one-hundred in no time flat. He’ll bleed to death! I’ve maimed my baby! He needs stitches. My pediatrician and her colleagues had most likely fielded this type of frantic call from a mom many times before. “He’s fine. Just put a little pressure on it. Don’t worry. And Dr. Smith says, Go have a glass of wine.” I could hear a little laughter …