Printable Flyers

CLICK HERE to download a free flyer to help get the word out, pass out in the neighborhood, include in your church bulletin, and to learn how to begin a MOM Group in your church or community.

Printable Post Cards

CLICK HERE to download your free MOM Group postcards! Mail them them to moms in your community, hand them out at the park, give them out to your friends.

Printable MOM Group Invitations

CLICK HERE to download your free MOM Group Invitations! A great way to promote your MOM Group when a new semester is starting or to keep the momentum going all year long.

75 MOM Group Icebreakers

CLICK HERE to download 75 MOM Group Icebreakers to get your MOM Group off to a fun start and make conversation easy and not awkward, The MOM Initiative has provided 75 icebreakers that will definitely help you break the ice and get the fun started!


Celebrate the significance of the successful completion of the MOM Group mentoring of moms in biblical motherhood. Make the end of each MOM Group a special event! CLICK HERE to download your MOM Group CERTIFICATE of COMPLETION.