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Borrowing, Taking, & Stealing + Monday M.O.M. Link-Up!

I found my missing eye shadow in the guest bathroom yesterday. My college-aged daughter had “borrowed” it. Without asking. As she had her dad’s teeth whitening gel two days prior. The pasta pot earlier in the week. And our camera last month. All without permission. And all of this “borrowing” was at least partly my fault. Four years ago, whenever Annemarie came home to visit during her freshman year, I didn’t just overlook “little things” like my missing hair straightener and new boots. I was so glad to see her, I was downright thrilled by all my missing items. They …


How NOT to Be a Meddlesome Mom + Monday M.O.M. Link-Up!

Hi. My name is Cheri, and I’m a Meddlesome Mom. I hate admitting this. I spent my first eighteen years of motherhood looking down my nose at smother mothers and telling myself Thank goodness I’m not one of them! Proverbs 2:11 says, “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.” Let’s just say that once my children headed off for college, that wisdom starting coming, all right! I discovered, much to my chagrin, that they were both lacking dozens of basic life skills. I’d prided myself in being a supportive mom, one who took an active interest …


Lead Your Family Like Jesus + Monday M.O.M. Link-Up

by Tricia Goyer Three Ways You Are A Leader in Everyday Life … and how to be a better one Many people are confused about the term “family leader.” As I’ve blogged about moms being leaders I’ve had both men and women pipe up, “But wait, the man’s supposed to be the leader in the home, right?” Yes, but women are leaders, too, in many ways you may not realize.  1. You are a Leader in Your Role As Spouse. Yes, friends, I believe in the “S” word … submission. I believe God has called men to be the spiritual …


RENEWED: An Interview with Lucille Zimmerman + Monday M.O.M. Link-Up!

Overwhelmed. I’ve been speaking to women’s groups for more than two decades. And while fashions and American Idols and fad diets have changed over the years, this one thing has remained constant: When I ask women what they struggle with, day in and day out, their #1 answer is “I feel so overwhelmed!” So I fell in love with Lucille Zimmerman’s new book the moment I laid eyes on the cover. Renewed. Ahhhh…what an invitation! I spent two weeks enjoying Lucille’s stories, Biblical insights, and practical wisdom as I savored (and stuck Post-It Notes all over!) a chapter a day. …


Grow Your Gratitude: Happy Thanks-Living! & The M.O.M. Initiative Monday Link Up!

The Typical 2 I’ve always heard that there are two ways to focus on thankfulness: Keep track of what I’m thankful for (i.e. in a gratitude journal) Share my gratitude with those for whom I’m thankful (i.e. by writing a thank-you note)   A New (for Me) #3 But over the last month, I’ve discovered a new way — new for me, at least! — to focus on thankfulness. I’ve been asking people this question throughout the day: “What’s one thing you’re thankful for right now?” And I marvel at the diversity, the depth, the humor, and the honesty of each …


Raising Kids to be Independent Adults: How to LET. THEM. GO. & The M.O.M. Initiative Monday Link Up!

with Karen Ehman My friend Sheila Wray Gregoire asked a great question last week: “When Does Childhood End?”  I agree with her premise that one of my duties, as a mom, is to help my kids find their route to independence, maturity, and purpose. So it’s been hard to admit that I was a “smother mother” when my daughter was in high school. I ran interference with my daughter’s teachers so often, she did not learn how to advocate for herself. She didn’t know how to ask, “When can I come make up the quiz I missed yesterday?” or “Why did …


A Holiday-Ready Heart

Maybe November and December are your two favorite months of the year. Perhaps preparing for, living through, and cleaning up after the holidays don’t phase you in the least. You may have your Christmas shopping all done, your cards ready to mail, and your menus completely planned. If these are true for you, then The PURSE-onality Challenge “A Holiday-Ready Heart” is not designed for you. (But please join us anyhow and give us your best advice!) However, if you…         dread dragging out the holiday decorations… wonder how what should be “the best of times” often ends up …


Still We Battle & The Monday M.O.M. Initiative Link Up

My children begin each homeschool day with Bible study. A lesson earlier this week focused on Joshua 10:6-15. The moral of the kids’ lesson was that God can do anything He wants, with or without the help of men, that His power is limitless, and that He is able to do all things. Now, the story was geared toward elementary aged children, and that message is indeed what the story illustrates. However, I, as a more mature Christian, saw something a little startling when I looked deeper into the message. To recap this passage, in the days of Joshua, five …