Ch…ch…ch…CHANGES Are Coming in 2017 for TMI

The MOM Initiative is on the move and I’m super excited about some upcoming changes that we want you to know about.

We are determined to prayerfully and faithfully stay laser focused to fulfill God’s call on this ministry and we are excited about the decisions we’ve made to move forward eagerly into 2017.

Our goal to reach a million moms for Christ is what pumps blood through the veins of this ministry. That focus has been on the forefront of our hearts since before the ministry began. But we also wanted to provide online mentoring for moms, resourceful articles for ministry leaders and missionaries, and encouragement for women. And that’s what we have done daily for the past five years.

But if your inbox is like mine, it’s loaded with piles of posts from sites you have subscribed to and love, but when they start stacking up, your intentions to read them succumb to your busy schedule. No matter how good it is or how much you’d love to read it, you find yourself reluctantly hitting the delete button and missing out on some powerful posts you wish you had time to read.

The MOM Initiative currently has over 1,600 posts that will minister to the hearts of moms, ministry leaders, missionaries, and mentors in a myriad of seasons.

Because of the extensive library of articles which we have accumulated – and because your inbox probably needs a break… and because The MOM Initiative’s primary focus is to connect with and help ministry leaders, missionaries, and mentors discover how to make mentoring missional and to experience the evangelistic and discipleship benefits of Titus 2 – we are leaving our blog page open for you and all who visit The MOM Initiative to search for help, hope, practical tips, and mentoring advice by using our blog search feature, but we are discontinuing the daily dose that is sent to your inbox.

Here’s what’s changing in 2017:

  1. The blog page will be available for readers to search but we won’t be inundating your inbox with daily posts any longer. We want to make information and encouragement available for you as you need it and not bombard your inbox everyday. We hope that will help you simplify too.
  2. Instead of a daily dose of encouragement from TMI, you’ll be receiving a monthly newsletter. Three newsletters will go out. One, to those who subscribe to the site. Another to those who are MOM Group Leaders, and another to those sweet moms who have joined the MILLION MOMs Team.
  3. Our MOM Approved Resource Page will expand to include more resources that we recommend for you to use individually, in a mentor relationship, in a small group, or in your MOM Group.
  4. We will continue to offer FREE Consultations with ministry leaders, missionaries, and mentors to help them develop revolutionary missional mentoring ministries that can profoundly impact their communities and this culture, but we will be investing much more time to help these front lines servants reach moms and the children they are raising for Christ.
  5. BETTER TOGETHER Conference will still be offered, but we will be streamlining it to make is as easy, peasy as possible for ministry leaders. And we are also looking at international options, as well.
  6. Teaching and training videos are in the process of being made to help leaders take the reigns of the ministries God has given them with a confidence and creativity that will help them be as effective as possible.
  7. More FREE Resources will be available to assist ministry leaders, missionaries, mentors, and moms in their personal lives as well as in their ministries. These resources will include Bible studies, devotion books, biblical help for life, as well as fun, helpful, and practical resources.

So, things are ch…ch…changing here at The MOM Initiative, but as Rafiki from The Lion King says, “Change is good!”

I hope these changes will help lesson your inbox load and provide you with FREE resources that will help you in your journey no matter what season you are in and no matter what God has called you to do.

I’m thankful for each of you who are subscribers and I hope this will encourage you to share The MOM Initiative with your family, friends, ministry leaders, and missionaries. 

We want to be a blessing, not a burden, and when your inbox overfloweth, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. With The MOM Initiative, you won’t get a daily, “10 Ways to do this…” or “5 Reasons for that…” You’ll just get a monthly newsletter and the option to browse our site for the information you need when you need it.

Now go enjoy 2017, sweet friends! There’s a year ahead of you, and we are here to help you in any way we can!

We’d also love to hear from you as you start the new year if you are a ministry leader looking for help in expanding your current ministry, wanting to develop a more focused Titus 2 ministry, wanting to learn more about how to mentor moms and/or make mentoring missional, or wanting to start a new women’s ministry! 

Email us today and we will get right back with you to schedule a personal ministry consultation call.

Stephanie Shott

Stephanie Shott is the founder of The M.O.M. Initiative, a ministry devoted to making mentoring intentionally missional. She is an author and a popular speaker who helps women live full, fearless and faithful lives. To invite Stephanie to speak at your next event, visit her website at To find out more about The M.O.M. Initiative or to begin a M.O.M. Mentor Group, visit