Back to School Supply List

Back to School Supply List: 21 Resources

‘Tis the season for supply lists. Unfortunately, the back to school supply list can really add up! More than one mom has approached her homeschool list or classroom list with excitement, only to walk away with a grown up case of test anxiety. As a teacher and a mom, I want to encourage you to keep a few things in mind, if your list has you stressed.

Back to School Supply List

  1. Your kids don’t need to have the latest and greatest option out there (= most expensive)
  2. If the list is long, prioritize what’s needed most (= a key life “lesson” for all of us)
  3. Your kids don’t even have to be part of the choosing (= it’s okay to give them their supplies)
  4. If the list breaks your budget, let your teacher know you need to spread it out (= don’t be proud)
  5. Your kids should know the cost (= this is part of the learning)
  6. If there’s one item you can’t find, don’t let it drive your back-to-school mood (= wait ’til they restock)

When all is said and done, what students need to learn is a curious mind, opportunity to explore, and interaction about their discoveries. Moms, on the other hand, can use something NOT found on a back to school supply list: ENCOURAGEMENT and PRACTICAL IDEAS. So, here’s a list of useful resources and inspiring posts just for YOU in the midst of the back to school season. The top is packed full of helps for prayer, because that’s the foundation for a great school year!

Back to School PRAYER Supplies

Back to School Supply List for Mom

Supplies for Special Needs

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