4 Tips for Drama-Free Back to School Clothes Shopping

By Erin Bishop

When my daughter was a baby and toddler I enjoyed buying clothes for her. There were so many cute options! It was around the pre-school age that I noticed a strong shift in clothing options.

Gone were the soft, understated and feminine choices for little girls. I was suddenly stuck with loud, glittery, pop star style, poorly made, cartoon character covered and immodest clothing. I wasn’t about to dress my little girl in the Bratz clothing line or in t-shirts with statements that promoted self-righteousness.

It took a lot of effort and shopping at multiple stores, but I was eventually able to put some decent outfits together for my daughter.

By the time my daughter was a second grader, a new problem emerged: the desire to fit in.

My little girl had turned into a fashion enthusiast practically overnight.

We were on a fashion collision course.

What used to be enjoyable mother daughter shopping trips became a battle of the wills.  I allowed these battles to go on for too long before I put some drama-free shopping strategies in place.

Here are 4 Tips for Drama-Free Back to School Clothes Shopping

Drama Free Shopping

  1. Talk about your expectations before you go to the mallWhat length of skirts, dresses or shorts do you want your daughter to wear? Define your definition of low cut. If you address these things in advance you will both be on the same page when you get to the mall and your daughter will know not to ask you if she can try on certain types of clothes.
  2. Make a shopping list Go through your daughters’ clothes and donate what no longer fits. Make a list of the things she needs before you go to the mall. This will help you stick with a plan and a budget. Check the sales flyers or go online in search of sales and special promotions.
  3. Talk budgetTell your daughter how much you are prepared to spend on your shopping trip. Enlist her help with comparison shopping, mixing and matching clothing items to get more mileage out of them, and the adding together of items, factoring in any coupons and tax. It’s amazing what happens when our kids are involved in saving money to stretch their shopping dollars farther.
  4. Pick your battlesSometimes we don’t have the same taste in fashion as our girls. I decided after many battles, huffing and puffing and tears, that it doesn’t really matter if I like my daughter’s clothes. I told her as long as she picked out something that met my top expectations; I wasn’t going to touch the little things.

Do you enjoy clothes shopping with your kids? Why or why not?

What is your favorite place to shop?

Do you have any drama free shopping tips to share with us?




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