DIY T-Shirt Bags

Written by Heather Riggleman, author of Mama Needs a Time Out.

Do you see this? This is what happens when I am not paying attention to my kids or keeping them busy with something…. Yep. That is my son on a trampoline with his big sister’s rollerblades.

Take note, the net isn’t up yet….

Summer Stuff 2013 002

So today’s craft is T-Shirt bags. We have tons of old t-shirts laying around and I’m forever looking for a bag to tote library books, toys to grandma’s and groceries. Today, the kids get to make bags for the pool and other summer gear! 


Summer Stuff 2013 014   

Start with a T-shirt of your child’s choice. Preferably one with a cool design and lay it flat on the floor.

Summer Stuff 2013 016

Following the seam on the sleeves and neck, cut them off. If needed to make a larger opening for the top, cut a wider around the seam. You can also create a more stylish look by cutting a square around the neck instead of  a scoop shape.

And if you want to recycle the sleeves, try headbands! Tori loves hers 🙂

Summer Stuff 2013 017


Summer Stuff 2013 019


To tie the bottom of the bag, cut stripes about one inch wide along the bottom. Then tie the fringe into knots.

Summer Stuff 2013 021

 Voila! Stuff your stuff into your finished bag!


Summer Stuff 2013 022


Here is a peek at the finished one my son made! And below is the one my daughter made!

tishirt bags


QUESTION: Have you ever made a T-shirt bag? What other things have you made with old T-shirts?




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