Praying For Your Kids: Simple, Specific, Power-Packed Prayers

Praying For Your Kids - M.O.M. 6_25_13

For years I had heard it said that we needed to pray for our kids. I get that, and I completely stand behind that thought process. What I didn’t always understand was the beauty and wisdom that came from praying simple, specific, power-packed prayers over my kids.

It took a lot of reading, praying and talking with my husband, but over the course of all that investigating we discovered there were some very practical things we wanted to pray for over our boys. It actually fit perfectly with my M.O.M. Mission Statement (see my post in May 2013) and very quickly became something that became a part of our everyday prayers.

I’d love to share with you what we do in my house and also share a little bit of the why behind it as well. It is by no means perfect and certainly not a one size fits all, but for our family, where we live, our heart, and purpose as our kids parents, this is what it means in our world.

Each and every day I pray over the kids before they leave for school AND we have scripture posted by the back door so that it is the LAST thing they see before they step out into the world. Friends, don’t ever be mistaken…we are IN a spiritual battle for our kids and we need to remember to bathe our kids in prayers each and every day.

So, here’s what we do at our house…

“Father God, thank you for these beautiful boys you have given us. Father I pray that you would help them to…

1) Do the right thing even if it is the hard thing,

2) Be the leaders that you (God) created them to be,

3) Seek you first in all that they do,

4) and help them to Stand Firm in the face of temptation that comes their way today.

They are your boys and we give them to you. In Jesus Name, Amen.”

Short, sweet, and simple…but powerfully packed. Let me walk with you through the why behind these four simple, specific, power-packed prayers we pray everyday for them.

1) Do the right thing even if it is the hard thing.

Galatians 1:10 – Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.

Galatians 6:5 – For we are each responsible for our own conduct.

2) Be the Leaders that God created them to be.

Mark 10:43 – But among you it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant,

Romans 12:8 – If your gift is to encourage others, be encouraging. If it is giving, give generously. If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously. And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.

3) Seek you first in all that they do.

Matthew 6:33 – Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.

4) Help them to Stand Firm in the face of temptation that comes their way today.

1 Corinthians 10:13 – The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure.

Matthew 6:13 – And don’t let us yield to temptation,but rescue us from the evil one.

There are so many other things that we pray for when it comes to our kids, their future, their spouses (yep, that one is a hard one to pray for, mostly to even think about, but it will happen one day), the call on their lives from God. You name it and we pray for it.

This next verse is posted right by the back door so it is the last thing my kids see before they walk out into the world…

“Don’t let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers of this world, rather than from Christ.” Colossians 2:8

It took me some time to figure out what HE wanted me to focus on for my family, but once I took the time to actively seek His will out in this, He showed me the answers to what I was looking for.

Never wanting to take my kids for granted, especially after all we have been through with my oldest son (read his story here) and his health, being more strategic and focused truly helped me to be a better mom to my boys. It’s not easy, and it certainly is not what the world would tell us to do, but it is exactly what God has called us to do as moms.

My boys aren’t little any longer. As a matter of fact, they are practically grown men. My oldest is nineteen, in college and in a serious relationship with an incredible young woman of God. My youngest is seventeen and a senior in high school here in South Florida. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but with these simple, specific, power-packed prayers, I know that my boys have been covered in prayer every step of the way.

What about you?

Have you ever thought about making some simple, specific, power-packed prayers for your kids?

What are some of the hardest things to pray for over your kids?

Seeking JOY on the Journey,

Melissa Mashburn





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