Some Thoughts for Young Moms

I have the privilege of being around quite a few young moms. I will never forget one particular visit. We invited a family with  5 children to come for dinner.The ages of the children  range  from just a few months old to ten years old.The baby hung out and was happy watching all the activity. The one year old ran around from one person to the other melting all our hearts! She especially liked my son and kept plopping down in his lap! The two year old boy was constantly moving!  I personally have a soft spot in my heart for him because he reminds me so much of my son at that age.Two year old boys have one way of talking–LOUD! He absolutely cracked me up!The two older girls were such a help to their mom and have such sweet personalities. They brought me flowers and we ate ice cream cones on the porch. We really did enjoy them, but I must admit that when they left I was exhausted! It’s not that they are “bad” kids or that the parents aren’t taking the time to train them, but there is so much that goes in to caring for, teaching, and training little children! It’s a HUGE job! It is exhausting PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY!The reality of being a parent of small children is that they are in the beginning stages of learning.  Because of this,  it is not always a perfect little picture. It is a process of teaching things over and over again! (“Say thank you!” “hold my hand!” “Wait for mommy!” “Don’t touch!”) As I watched these parents go from one child to the other I was reminded of what a hard job it is–whether you have one toddler or three–IT IS HARD!

For those of us with older children, it is easy to forget how challenging the season of having small children can be. Being a mom of adult children has a whole new set of challenges, but I really don’t think that anything compares to being a mom of little children. It is wonderful and exhausting at the same time.

Let me encourage you moms of small children to hang in there! To seek God and rely on Him for the strength you need. To pray over each child regularly. To remember the impact you are having on these little ones, even when it seems you are doing the same thing every day…and nobody but GOD actually sees all the little things you are doing!

In his book entitled “HUMILITY–True Greatness“, C.J. MaHaney shares the following:

“Serving others for the glory of God. This is the genuine expression of humility; this is true greatness as the Savior defined it.”

When God sees a mom with small children daily serving in her home, for HIS glory, He calls that TRUE GREATNESS! Isn’t that encouraging?

Galations 6:9 “And let us not be weary in well-doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

Do not grow weary!

And, if I can be of any help please…call my kids…I mean…will be happy to help if I can!!!

By Gina Smith

Gina Smith

Gina Smith

Gina Smith has been married to Brian for 25 years, and is mom to Brianna (age 23) and Caleb (age 20). She has served alongside her husband at a small Christian college right outside of Washington DC for almost 20 years, where she served as the Dean of Women. When she has time, she loves to write and share what God is teaching her.You can find her at her blog Real Life Titus Two, and you can connect with her at momlife TODAY, and on facebook.
Gina Smith

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