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MOM Groups Are Definitely Different

In your MOM Group, you’ll meet moms of all ages who are just like you: moms who love their kids like crazy, but who want someone to laugh with, cry with, and just get real with. A place where moms discover the joy of doing the mom life together!

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We're here to help you tailor a mentoring ministry unique to your needs for moms of all ages. Experience the power of missional mentoring, reach moms for Christ & minister to those who know Him. Join the revolution & change the world one mom at a time!

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What’s The MOM Initiative?

The MOM Initiative is a movement of ministry leaders, missionaries, and moms who understand that it is moms who mold the heart of the next generation. We are committed to reaching the heart of the next generation by reaching the moms who are raising them.

We know that if the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, then the church that mentors those hands will win it. That if we want to reach at-risk kids, we need to reach the moms who are raising them.

By making mentoring missional, we not only minister to the moms who know Christ, we reach those who don’t.

We serve ministry leaders, missionaries, and mentors through unique personal training sessions and through equipping them as they discover the power of missional mentoring and seek to change the world one mom at a time.

We also serve mothers around the world by connecting them with missionaries, ministry leaders, and moms in their own communities. Where they gather together, laugh, cry, learn, grow – where they know there’s a safe place where they not only belong but where they can just be real.

Moms are better together and The MOM Initiative exists so you don’t have to make your mom journey alone.

The MOM Initiative also helps ministries and churches grow by making mentoring, not only easy, but missional.

With The MOM Initiative, there are no cookie-cutter programs.

We help you develop a solid Titus 2 MOM Group unique to your church’s specific needs, as well as a strategic plan to help you reach your community for Christ through the power of mentoring. We call it, “Taking Titus 2 to the streets!”

We invite you to join us as a missionary, ministry leader or mentor who wants to change the world one mom at a time! We are here for you!

Motherhood should be more than a messy experiment – are kids should be more than our motherhood experiment. At The MOM Initiative, we understand that moms never stop being moms and that we weren’t meant to make the mom journey alone.

That’s why The MOM Initiative is for moms of all ages who have children of all ages because a mom is always a mom no matter how old her children are.

Whether you’re a ministry leader, missionary, or mentor, we can help you discover the power and beauty of God’s call to mentor the next generation. And here at The MOM Initiative, we embrace the opportunity to help you make mentoring missional and impact your community and this culture for Christ.

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